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Hassaan Pasha, opensource

Hey there.

This is another update from my endeavors in the open source realm.

A few weeks ago, I was going through the existing curriculum of FreeCodeCamp and I found the existing flow of their Object Oriented tutorials to be a little lacking in building a proper mental model of JavaScript. I decided to discuss this on their Gitter and eventually opened an issue where I laid down an alternate approach which I felt built a more accurate model of JavaScript.

start over

Surprisingly, I received very favorable feedback from different contributors, and Quincy Larson (the creator of FCC) pitched in if I wanted to help out with one of their upcoming courses.


I had a call with Kristofer Koishigawa of FreeCodeCamp, one of the people overseeing curriculum development. He was kind enough to walk me through what the expectation was and we had a really good talk.

We decided that I will push an initial draft by modifying the existing shopping cart project and we will see if the approach I wanted to go forward with was agreeable to everyone or not.

Planning Out the Flow

If you read my post: Deep Dive into OOP in JavaScript, you might have noticed that I tried building the concepts organically by introducing the features in a chronological manner as they were added into JavaScript.

I found that approach to be the most intuitive one. It was not rushed, and it helped me understand the whys which are often more important than the hows.

I have decided to use the same exact flow. I understand that the community is concerned with how I introduce prototypal inheritance to the students. My priority is to make it as simple as possible, but cover as much as needed to build a strong foundation.

Why Am I Doing This?

I have always aspired to be a teacher. During my college days I used to teach highschool students physics, mathematics and chemistry. It was oddly rewarding making people understand concepts the "right" way. And as I did that I would often picture myself as a professor teaching physics or mathematics at some prestigious university. Yeah I wanted to be a physicist surprise surprise.


Things rarely go according to plan but I am happy with how everything turned out.

I know this was a tangent - but it was necessary to emphasise why this opportunity is important to me.

I have just pushed out the initial draft. If everything goes smoothly, I will be authoring a full fledged course for the FCC community really soon.

Thanks for reading and have a good day/night.


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